The Lives of Jesus and Mohammed

Theresa Broussard
Western International University
Hum127 Religions of the World
Timothy Albert
February 4, 2007

Tracing the historical lives of Jesus Christ and Mohammed are like
traveling down two opposite paths. Both had their own important role in
their religion. Whether it is through peace or violence both wanted their
messages to be heard.

The higher power in Christianity is Jesus Christ, which means
“Savior”. (Unknown, 2006).Jesus Christ was born around 4 B.C. in Bethlehem
to the Virgin Mary. While growing up he worked as a carpenter like his step-
father in Nazerath. Jesus was fluent in many different languages including
Hebrew, Aramaic, and possibly Greek. (Unknown, 2006).

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Jesus Christ received his callings directly from God. (Slick, 2006).

He heard from God when he traveled into the desert to be tempted. This was
when Jesus Christ began to preach with boldness and power (Slick, 2006).

Along with boldness Jesus Christ also had the power to take life. However
he never used the power. No person ever died in the presence of Jesus
Christ (Slick, 2006). Instead of taking life he restored life. He was often
called the “giver of life” (Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001).

This power of restoring life helped Jesus Christ to spread the
messages of peace. (Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001).Jesus Christ was not a
violent person. Instead he conquered enemies with the Spirit of the Word of
God (Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001).This lead to some of Jesus Christ’s
disciples too be killed for their faith.

Prior Jesus Christ’s first coming there were more than three hundred
scriptures written. Although Jesus never wrote any books himself many of
his messages were. He commissioned all of his followers to write and preach
all of his messages. These followers did exactly that. This is one reason
there are so many different denominations in the Christian faith (Zeller,
Van Nattan, 2001).There are many different versions of his messages. The
original was written in Hebrew then translated.

Jesus Christ’s death had a huge impact on the Christian religion. One
overwhelming impact was the huge crowds that would form when Jesus Christ
was around (British Broadcasting Corporation, 2006)These huge crowds
according to the British Broadcasting Company the authorities feared Jesus
Christ gathering huge crowds was a leading factor to his crucifixion
(British Broadcasting Corporation, 2006).

Many Christian disciples of Jesus Christ are (deeply grieved at all
the past atrocities carried out by the people who were “Christian” by name
(Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001). The Christian religion states that Jesus Christ
stated “Believe and Live!” This statement sums it up best for Christianity.

To believe in the Savior will allow you to live a peaceful life. If all
believed the same then all would be peaceful and peace loving (Zeller, Van
Nattan, 2001). This is according to (Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001).who states
that Christians being peaceful is due too the strict following of the
teaching of Jesus Christ.

The life of Mohammed, the Islamic higher power, was filled with
violence. Mohammed, which means “Praised One”, was born around 570 AD in
Mecca. (Unknown, 2006).Mohammed was raised by his mother, a nurse, his
uncle and his grandfather. He worked as a Shepard later he became a
camel/caravan leader (Unknown, 2006). He was married to over twenty women
including one girl who was only nine years old. (Unknown, 2006).

Mohammed also known as “Allah” received the messages of God through an
angel. The angels name was Gabriel. According to Slick, (Slick, 2006),
Mohammed had the power to take life and did so. In fact he used it often,
never using his power to restore (Slick, 2006). Many people die in his
presence. Most of the time Mohamed was the one who killed those (Slick,
2006). This violence lead him to be a prophet of war (Zeller, Van Nattan,
2001). Mohammed’s disciples killed for their Islamic faith (Zeller, Van
Nattan, 2001).This was because Mohammed practiced force by conquering
enemies with swords (Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001).While fighting in many
crusades according to (Unknown, 2006) some say Mohammed wrote the Qur’an.

While other people say that listeners of Mohammed’s messages wrote them
down (Unknown, 2006).

The impact of Mohammed’s death on the religion of Islam was huge
according to Mac Dowell, when Mohammed died he had no will written
(MacDowell, 2006). This meant there were no instructions of who would
replace him. With no leadership in Islam major eruptions and confrontations
broke out among Islam
believers. This was due o the disagreement of whether Caliph or “Ali”
(Mohammed’s son-in-law) should hold the Islamic leadership (Mac Dowell,
2006) this struggle along with many others produced the main body of Islam.

This main body is known as the Sunnis, (the follower of the prophet’s way.)
(British Broadcasting Corporation, 2006).

According to Zeller and Van Nattan, (Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001) the
disciples of Mohammed follow his “Convert or Die” attitude. This is one
reason that leaving the Islam nation is so difficult. In most Islamic
nations the action trying to leave Islam would be answered with death
(Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001).These disciples of Mohammed are just as violent,
cold and heartless as Mohammed himself. These disciples responded to the
September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States by cheering.

(Zeller, Van Nattan, 2001). The followers poured into the Islamic streets
cheering and yelling in happiness. These people were happy about the
actions of their fellow believers.

Jesus Christ’s belief of “Believe and Live” is very different from
Mohammed and his beliefs of “Convert or Die”. Although the two are so
different they share many similarities. Both had many struggles and
situations to overcome. They each chose different solutions. These
solutions had a huge impact on how the followers of these religions
interact with others today. I am including a chart from a Christian’s point
of view which shows some strong differences between Jesus and Mohammed it
is as follows:
|Death|Jesus died and rose from |Muhammad died and stayed dead.|
||the dead (Holy Bible)||
|Fighting |Jesus never fought (Holy |Muhammad fought many many times|
||Bible) ||
|Hearing |When Jesus heard from God |When Muhammad heard from God |
|from God |he went to the desert to |(through an angel) he cowered, was |
||be tempted and began his |uncertain, and wanted to commit|
||ministry with boldness,|suicide (Quran 74:1-5) |
||(Mark 1:14-15) (Holy||
||Bible). ||
|Identity |Jesus claimed to be God|Muhammad claimed to be a man.|
||(John 8:24; 8:58) (Holy||
||Bible) as well as a man. ||
||Jesus claimed to be ||
||the way, the truth, and||
||the life (John 14:6) (Holy||
||Bible) ||
|Instructi|From God the Father (John |From an angel|
|ons|5:19) (Holy Bible) ||
|Received | ||
|Killing |Jesus never killed anyone |Muhammad killed many|
|Life|Jesus had the power to|Muhammad had the power to take it, |
||take life, but never did. |but he never restores it.|
||He restored it. (Holy||
||Bible) ||
||No one every died in|Many people died in Muhammad’s|
||Jesus’ presence|presence — he killed them. |
|Marriage |Jesus never married |Muhammad had over 20 wives and even|
|| |married a nine-year-old girl.|
|Ministry |Jesus received his calling|Muhammad received it from an angel |
||from God directly (Matt. |(Gabriel) |
||3:17). (Holy Bible)|Muhammad received his words in the |
||Jesus received his |darkness of a cavel|
||commission in the daylight||
||(Holy Bible) ||
|Ministry |Jesus taught for 3 1/2|Muhammad taught for more than 20|
|Length|years (Holy Bible) |years|
|Miracles |Jesus performed many|Muhammad’s only alleged miracle was|
||miracles including healing|the Quran. |
||people, calming a storm||
||with a command, and ||
||raising people from the||
||dead. (Holy Bible) ||
|Prophecy |Jesus fulfilled biblical |Muhammad did not fulfill any |
||prophecy about being the |biblical prophecy except the ones |
||Messiah (Holy Bible)|about false teachers (Matt. 24:24).|
|| |(Holy Bible)|
|Sacrifice|Jesus voluntarily laid his|Muhammad saved his own life many|
||life down for others (Holy|times and had others killed. |
||Bible) ||
|Sin|Jesus never sinned (1 Pet.|Muhammad was a sinner (Quran 40:55;|
||2:22) (Holy Bible) |48:1-2)|
|Slaves|Jesus owned no slaves|Muhammad owned slaves. |
||(Holy Bible) ||
|Virgin|Jesus was virgin born|Muhammad was not virgin born.|
|Birth|(Holy Bible) ||
|Voice of |Jesus received and heard |Muhammad did not receive or hear|
|God|the direct voice of God|the direct voice of God. It was an|
||(Mark 1:10-11) (Holy|angel instead. (Qu’ran)|
||Bible) ||
|Women|Jesus spoke well of women |Muhammad said women were 1/2 as|
||(Holy Bible) |smart as men (Hadith 3:826; 2:541),|
|| |that the majority in hell will be |
|| |women (Had. 1:28,301; 2:161; |
|| |7:124), and that women could be|
|| |mortgaged (Qu’ran)|
as you can see there is no comparison, Muhammed is clearly inferior to

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