5. The face under a patch of graying hair was flabby, and it held two eyes trapped in a spider web of weary lines.6. Dogs, hollow-bellied and dispirited, sprawled in the dust and that country lay behind the twisted arms of the surrounding thorn trees like an abandoned theatrical backdrop tarnished and yellow.7.

The full bodied and strong sunlight had begun to warm the drab colors of the hut, and I reached over and blew out the flame of the hurricane lamp.8. It was a tiny hut with the usual single window blocked with corrugated iron, the usual thatched roof drooping its old eaves like a rotted tree, and the usual earthen floor paved with the burnt match sticks, paper, and shreds of tobacco.9. Laved with its icy steams, a country with its valleys choked with bracken and its hills clothed in the green heather that wandered Scotsmen sing about seems hardly Africa.10. The Young man halts at my threshold draped in a warriorss shuka, wearing a belt of beads hung with a club and a sword in a bright red scabbard.

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Bibliography:japan, the life is. by thes yoindan da ruff


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