Software will never replace a SoftbearThe picture, which is about the importance of teddy bears in ones life, teaches usthat we can learn from teddy bears as well as from computers.

They have something special to give to anyone who cares to reach out and trust. For example, fuzzy logic has a logic all of its own. Fuzzy logic is the willingness to bend or even break the rules; to be creative and think outside the box. Fuzzy logic says that there are things beyond our understanding, like getting wisdom from teddybears, that are meaningful, real, and important even if we cant explain how the work or why.

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Softbears are warm and loveable. Softness is better than cold technologicalcomputers, for example, hugging teddy bears are much more better than navigating a software. When we look at the picture we can see the cloudy-white loveable bears, andblack and white software. The bears and computers are in a park on the grass beside some trees. The warm teddy-bear-land is filled with love and caring whereas the computer land is filled with cruelty. The truly important things in life never become outdated or obsolete such as the teddy bears, or as most of us love to call them, soft cuddly bears. We love teddy bears because with a teddy bear one can think outside the box and even be able to make mistakes or be able to be creative.

However, with a computer one has to be very precise. And as you and I agree that a soft-bear will most definitely never replace software, we will have a little space in our hearts thats filled with love for our soft teddy bears that bring some joy in our lives. Words/ Pages : 304 / 24


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