“Dropping the Atomic Bombs”On August 6, 1945 a 9,000-pound bomb was loaded on the Enola Gay. At exactly 8:15:30 in the morning the massive bomb was dropped over Hiroshima. The after math left 71,000 people dead and 68,000 injured. A second bomb was dropped three days later.

Nagasaki was the target this time, killing 36,000 people and injuring another 40,000. The question is why the two bombs were dropped?The Japanese government was expected to put up a fight until the very end. Which they did and that is why President Harry S. Truman wanted a quick end to the war. With a threat from the Red Army, also known as the Soviets’, to enter the war between the US and Japan it gave him all the more reason to drop these devastating bombs.Greek MythologyBy Scott MartinCould you imagine yourself as being the most powerful person on the face of the earth? With an ability to summon the dead or wail lightning bolts at the snap of your fingers.

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Well this is how it was back during the time of Greek Mythology. I’m going to tell you about the most powerful of all the god’s and his two brothers.Zeus and his brothers drew lost of their share of the universe. Zeus came out as the supreme ruler. He was Lord of the Sky, the Rain-god, and the Cloud-gather, who welded the awful thunderbolt. However, he did not always know everything and most certainly did not see everything.

He is represented as falling in love with one woman after another. Using all kinds of tricks to hide the woman of lust from his wife. His breastplate was the aegis, a beauty to behold.

His bird was the eagle and the mighty oak was his tree.Poseidon was the ruler of the seas, Zeus’ brother and second only to him in eminence. His wife, Amphitrite was the granddaughter to the Titan Ocean.

It is told that when he drove in his golden car over the waters, the thunder of the waves sank into a stillness and tranquil peace. Commonly called the “Earth-shaker” he was always seen carrying his trident, a three-pronged spear that would shake and shatter whatever he pleased.The third brother among the Olympians, who drew his share the underworld and rule over the dead is Hades. Hades is also called Pluto, the God of Wealth.

Both Roman’s and Greek’s call him by that name, but they often translate it to Dis, which is Latin for rich. He owns a far-framed helmet that turns it’s barer invisible. It was rare for him to leave his realm for Olympus. He was not a welcomed visitor. He was unpitying, inexorable, but just.

A terrible, but not an evil god. He was king of the dead, but not Death himself.This was just a little piece of the whole story. It was background information for three of the most important gods in the Greek mythology. I hope that my interest and knowledge in mythology has sparked a fire in you to go and learn more about the mysterious gods and their stories.


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