Hassan Chaudry

Bound to Bicker
Professor Grosse
October 13 2004
Laurence Bicker has been examining parental relationships and young
teenagers to understand why family ties change during the transition from
childhood into adolescence. She was surprised by the fact of even the
closest families, squabble and bicker frequently. Psychologists have
concluded that malice of revenge and passive aggressiveness toward parents
is normal and healthy. I personally agree with this theory because no
matter how hard a family tries to be balanced, there will always be some
sort of dispute between the parents and their children. It is a healthy
only to the extent of fighting on reasonable problems, but fighting without
a cause is unhealthy for family relationships and need psychological

Her research on chimpanzee behavior suggests that evolutionary
adaptive of most offspring leave their family early in adolescence. She
relates this to human behavior by using similar scenario of the adolescence
leaving the family after puberty. I believe it’s common in today’s
generation where as soon as the child graduates from high school, he takes
his first step alone into the real world by moving out of the house. From
my own experience I can understand moving in dorms or apartments are a
sense of freedom which comes with great responsibility. In conclusion,
there has to be a time where parents understand that their child is now an
adult, and even after all the bickering between the family, time apart form
each other gives both sides a chance to rehabilitate mentally and

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