Opens with Impact: There is no strife, no prejudice, no national conflict in outer space as yet (John F. Kennedy Speech) Clear Preview: Dreams are important for all people. They give us a sense of hope and motivation to achieve after something that we feelwould be impossible.Connects with Audience: Dreams is what keeps people going in life; everybodyneeds dreams to liveClear Thesis Statement: Without dreams, man would never and will never achieve greater heights.Signposting: End each topic with an example. A.

They give us hope for the future. 1. Help us to make goals in life*Example: A Beautiful Mind (The Movie) II. The greatest example in my life of Following your Dreamsa. Not successful; but lovingb.

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Not selfish; but helpfulc. Not prideful; but humble2. Greatest dream is happiness for othersA. It is not what the world brings to us, but what we bring to the world.1.

What do you have to offer to the world?2. If you have not already, began todaya.Offer what you have to offer to the worldSummary of Main Points: Remember that dreams are the way to the future and that it is important to explore them. Dreams keep us motivated and help us have a feeling of accomplishment.

By following our dreams, we can not only help ourselves, but many others.Concludes with Impact: My fellow classmates. Today is the day to find your dreams. Hold on to your dreams; dont let go of them.

Remember the perfect example of a man who would never give his dreams up, even until it cost his life. Martin Luther King once said, Let us not wallow in the valley of despair (Martin Luther King Speech) If you have a dream today pursue it with all the strength you have, for your dreams hold the future of tomorrow. -Martin Luther King, Jr. I have a Dream 1963.-John F.

Kennedy We choose to go to the Moon 1962.Bibliography:References:-Martin Luther King, Jr. I have a Dream 1963.-John F.

Kennedy We choose to go to the Moon 1962.-Anne of Green Gables (The Movie)-A Beautiful Mind The Movie


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