Dress code

At the beginning of the 20th century there wasn’t much discussion about the dress code in schools. During that time kids weren’t dressing so provocative. Now that we are so close to the 21st century. There is a big controversy between the students and the schools about the dress code especially in public schools. The schools have gotten to the point that they have come up with the idea that all students must wear uniforms.

There should be a dress code so young ladies wont wear clothes that are too reviling. Girls might wear tiny skirts that show too much skin distracting guys like myself. Small things like this make male students pay no attention to the instructor nor the lesson that is being thought.

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Some people dress to school as if it is a fashion run way. They dress with expensive clothes to impress other fellow students. There are several unfortunate students that don’t have the same income as others. If everyone wears the same clothes day after day there wont be any confrontations between students and no one would feel left out.

Now in days many people get offended by the words and pictures on some t-shirts. For example, a religious student may get offended if one of his classmates wears a Marilyn Mansen T-shirt. Other shirts get people kill due to gang relationship.
The way people dress to school now has caused contention between students and school administrators. Hopefully by the start of the new century dress codes would be enforce and apply at every school in America. Schools should take in consideration of this matter so, tragedies like the one at Columbine High School wont happen again.



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