Joe Joe Character Change: Reverend HaleThe Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller. The play takes place in Salem and is a story of a witch trial. The effect of certain events that took place have caused some characters to changed throughout the play. But the most prominent change in character is that of Reverend Hale. Throughout the progression of the play Reverend Hale is the one character who changes his views of the trials and the laws behind them. Reverend Hale is a bright, young minister from a neighboring village of Beverley.

He is called to Salem for his expertise in witchcraft. He comes to observe Betty, Reverend Parrisf daughter, for any signs of the devil. With him he brings heavy books and is really determined to solve this dilemma. He is content with finally getting his chance to use his rare knowledge.

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Reverend Parris tells him that he saw girls dancing and doing abnormal things, which was assumed to be a sort of conjuring. When he hears this he decides to take authority to get confessions out of the girls.Hale tries to get the accused to confess to conjuring.

Hale tries to tell them that they will be saved from death if they admit to witchcraft. In the beginning of the trials Hale backs the court. He encourages people to testify against the devil for the good of themselves. When John Proctor brings Mary Warren to confess Hale realizes throughout this scene how foolish he was. He sees how the girls manipulated the court to make it seem as if they were possessed. He tries to get Danforth to listen but it is uselsess.

Reverend Hale now a decrepit man feels the guilt. He can no longer believe in witchcraft or the truth behind the court. He has killed innocent people because he gave in to the antics of the little girls. Hale, a minister, tries to get people to lie to save themselves. He fails to get the court to realize their mistakes.


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