Crop Circles

Word Count: 473 have been found throughout the whole country. They
are one of the most intriguing things that I have read and researched. There
have also been many shows that I have watched that have been very interesting.

The first recent evidence of a crop circle was in 1966 in Tully England.

The circles themselves ranged from a few inches in diameter to a few feet.

There is also evidence of a crop circle in Hertfordshire, England in 1678.

There have been many theories as to why these peculiar circular shapes
have appeared in peoples crops. These theories include UFOs, energy fields,
and also plasma vortexes(sine 1). There is no evidence as to how these patterns
are formed. There is evidence that there is an electric field aroound some
of these circles.

One theory is that electrified air forms mini-tornadoes
and causes the circles. This is called the Plasma Vortex Theory(Sine 1).

Another theory that is very prominent is that all of these circles are hoaxes
and were made by people to recieve publicity. Hoaxes are blamed for many of
the circles especially the ones that are more complex. There have been people
to admit to man making some of these circles. Two people who have admitted
to this are Doug Bower and David Chorley(Sine 1). They admitted to faking
around two hundred fifty cirle formations. Many of the circles that were admitted
hoaxes were under suspicion because of there ragged look. Also some of the
more complex and intricat ones are thought to be fakes. The amount of these
circles is proof in itself and the fact that they are spread throughout the
world is also proof that it is not all a hoax.
The most interesting theory
is that UFOs made the circles(sine
2). there have been sightings of UFOs
and circles have been at the sight the next morning. There also has been sightingds
of balls of light over the fields at night that have left these circles on
the ground. When some of these circles have appeared a sceaming(Sine 1)
noise was heard in the night along with strange nocturnal lights.
in the 1970s circles appeared on the farm of a guy anmed Billy Meiers farm.

This person also had claimed to have been abducted by aliens in the past.

The grass was flat but not broken just bent over. Even stranger afterwards
the grass continued to grow in swirled pattern.

There is also a video of
miliatary helicopter flying hovering over a ball of light over top of anewly
formed crop circle. Hte government claims the helicopter was on maneuvers.

These balls of light were also seen following fighter planes into battle during
World War II . The British Government has an extereme interst in these balls
of light(Sine 2).


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