I agree with S.N Behrman on that Holden is very funny on how he sees and deals with life.

Holden has some funny encounters with “outside” life according to Behrman; but what could be considered outside or what would be “inside”. I dont believe in any definition or state to label things in life. Holden being beaten as a result of not paying the prostitute doesn’t seem to be something to laugh about. Behrman quotes “Holden’s difficulties affect his nervous system but never his vision”.

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If this was true then why does Holden never call Jane and that seemed clearly to be his vision.I also disagree with Behrmans statement that Holden “has a hunger for stability”. If Holden has such a hunger for stability then why does he move from school to school or when he goes to New York stay at home since that is the only stable shelter. I believe Holden is afraid of not changing and is fascinated by the things that are forced to stay the same. The museum amazes him in my opinion because everything stays the same and that scares him and he wonders about stability. Behrman stated that ” Holden will become more tolerant of phonies”.

I agree with that thought for I believe that Holden is scared of not changing. Behrman has some interesting points but I think he should take a look at the book one more time before he critisizes the story.


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