In the world of new technologies and commerce advertising is a significantmechanism of the “great machine” for making money. No matter we like it ornot, we, the consumers, are forced to watch and listen to advertisements onthe television, on the radio, on the internet, on posters and billboards inthe streets.

It will be interesting to find out how this mechanism, calledadvertising, works.It is not by chance that mass media is the main source of advertisements.Psychologists have found that Media, defined as the forth authority in thecontemporary society, exert an enormous influence on the minds of people ona subconscious level.

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In this way psychologists explain the fact that whenwe should choose between non-advertised and advertised product we preferthe advertised one in most of the cases. We make this choice not becausethe advertised product is better, but because we hear about it indefinitelymany times a day. So the purpose of advertising is to get our attention andtherefore make the advertised product better sold. In this way advertisersmake profit.

But unfortunately often only money matters for producers, notquality, and the consumers remain disappointed. As a result the consumersbecome skeptically disposed towards advertisements and they find themboring and intrusive.On the other hand advertisements keep us informed of the new products thatcome out on the market. The increasing rivalry makes the producers think ofmany different methods of advertising to get our attention. So the numberand diversity of advertisements that flow over us daily increase rapidlyand our choice between various advertised products enlarges.

Media also make profit of the mechanism, called advertising. Advertiserspay large sums of money to have their advertisements broadcasted orpublished.Therefore, it seems obvious that everything in the modern world goes aroundmoney and advertisements will continue to be a part of our daily life.

There is, however, one thing we should not forget and it is loyalty,because every advertiser is also a consumer and every consumer is apotential advertiser.


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