A New Day – Book Review

A New Day written by Margaret Johnson-Hodge was the first book I have read by a female black author. She became serious about writing when she attended a workshop with another writer Brenda Conno-Bey. She lives in the northeastern United States.

This book features two people: Carol Anne McClementine and Max Scutter. They came from two different social and financial backgrounds. Max had a master’s degree in finance and was successful while Carol Anne was just a secretary, not career drive, but trying to find her way in the professional world.

There meeting originated in an ice cream shop. This meeting was prompted by her daughter to whom this man was drawn the moment he saw her because of his longing for a little girl.

Carol Anne was past the age of thirty and a single parent and was struggling. She was trying to raise her daugher, provide food and shelter and ensure her child’s safety. Hardened by life’s harshness to her, she believed in nothing and certainly not the hope that a man would truly love her.

Carol Anne must overcome her old wounds and become the person she didn’t think she deserved to be and Max must learn to open his heart so they can both discover a new day.

The moment I began to read this book, I could not find myself putting it away. From the first to the final page it was filled with nothing but pleasure from reading. Compared to the Danielle Steele books which I am accustomed to reading with all the characters being rich or famous, this book had no hint of fairytale. It had real life situations and encounters.

The book was filled with suspense, especially when it came to Carol Anne and Max’s relationship. You had to wonder what turn the relationship was going to take because Carol Anne was so set in her ways and I would wonder just how much of Carol Anne’s stubborness Max would take.

Another factor which made the book exhilarating was how refreshingly straightforward it was. The author gave detailed encounters as opposed to just briefly telling about the situation or problem. She left no stone unturned when she wrote this book; her words were very innovatively used and brought out a lot of emotion. From Carol Anne struggles to complicated relationship and the handling of everyday life and the misfortunes she went through.

I particularly liked the way in which the author used words to describe thoughts, events, situation etc. For example “seduced by memory”, such expression causes one to think just how good that memory was and how it must have overwhelmed Carol Anne.

This book truly deserves “two thumbs up”.



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